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We help service providers get & retain more customers using our Lead Lift Search Campaigns.

Generate More Leads

Increase Your Brand’s Trust

Build Your Brand’s Equity

Stop stressing over making payroll.

Marketing your business isn’t magic. It’s about being consistent.

Using our Lead Lift Search Campaigns we will help generate more leads, get more reviews, and help make it easier for your brand to be found online.

No More Year-Long Retainers

Getting things done a little differently
Traditional Freelance Digital Marketer Burger Gelato Media
Long-term contracts
Monthly ”retainers”
Transparent pricing
Quick turn around time
A clear scope of work
Billing for non-deliverable

Client Results

Fast & Agile Doesn’t Mean Sloppy. My Clients Crush It!

A local Solopreneur was able to grow his business to a team of 3:


Local business saw an increase in qualified leads through Google after getting their FB account hacked:

246 percent increase in organic traffic sha - burger gelato media

With an increase in keyword visibility, my client was able to service nearby cities & the neighboring province:

increase in kw visibility 8 month project - burger gelato media

After flatlining for a year, 4 months into the project, a local business saw a 30% increase in leads coming from Google Maps:

29.5 percent increase in local traffic tgc - burger gelato media

Our Process to Success

The Lead Lift Search Campaigns Explained:


Build Trust

Phase one is all about making your business more trustable to potential customers.


Generate Leads

Phase two is all about generating more qualified leads for your business through Search.


Build Brand Equity

Phase three is all about helping your brand and increasing the longevity of the first two phases.

Howdy! I’m Chris.

Using our 3-phase Lead Lift Search Campaigns, I have helped service providers thrive during the hardest of times and help grow their teams.

Having worked agency-side and in-house, I have seen the difference that having a system in place can speed up client results.

Through the use of a Sprint work model, my team and I are able to work quickly & efficiently while maintaining open communication with you.

Being transparent and ethical is important to me. I don’t have any long-term contracts because relations are built on trust.

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Happy Clients

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

“Chris helped me a lot with marketing planning when trying to acquire new users for a product. I am very excited to work with him again!”
“Chris is the master of finding the best practical solutions! I reached out to him for help with our marketing campaign. He was able to find the solution with a quick turnaround time.”
“During the lockdowns, Chris was able to help me tap into past customers as a cost-saving method. With the campaign he ran, I have been able to reduce customer churn ever since. A True life-saver.”

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